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Full name: Wolfy the Wolf/Wolverine
Age: 18
height: "5,6"
Weight: perfectly skinny
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wolf[deceased]
Siblings: Blade [evil brother]
Friends: Team Sonic, Team Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Nebula, Cream, Sticks[sometimes], and Rouge
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Lyric, villains, nare do wells, Blade, robots, Hex the Cobra[hunter VS Thief]Bounty hunters, Metal Sonic
Crush: Midnight the Hedgehog
Likes: Fighting, relaxing, exercising, working on his robotic arm, helps out, adventures, ect.
Dislikes: Cowards,Kidnapping, curses, vampires, being juggled, mind controlled,skeletons, growth spurts, getting caught in a net or cage, never sleeps, and nightmares
Powers/abilities: Breathing fire, robotic limbs [left eye,arm and leg] to flight and stretch his robotic arm and summon weapons[blade, chainsaw, fan, bear trap, grappling hook, ect.] sharp claws and teeth to bite and scratch, hacking into robots' systems
Eye color: Blue green/turquoise[left eye black with blue green eye]
clothing: white collar with turquoise tie, right arm glove with a black bracelet on it the wrist[no sleeves on the fingers] with sleeveless blue vest, yellow belt with ripped jeans and his right foot wears a cyan blue shoe lace on the ankle
Fur color: Sky blue Ears:[inside] Pink and Magenta
Muzzle: Periwinkle[white fangs can be seen in his mouth] Nose: Black Claws: Black
Bushy tail
Favorite food: Peppers
Favorite drink: Coke Cola
Forms: Super[unknown] Werewolf[maybe] Anti[skunk] human[a boy with robotic limbs and wolf ears] Dark[never] genderbend:[Wendy Wolf]
Origin: Wolfy was once a bashful wolf that doesn't like to talk much, but when years past, he learned that he could breathe fire out of his mouth, like a dragon. Then one day, his parents had died. Now, he was an orphan. Growing up, he was a secret freedom fighter who hunts down enemies, But then, just before he could defeat Lyric in a old roboticizing chamber, he tripped and fell into a roboticizer and only half of his body was roboticized. When he first woke up at a hospital, he realized that his eye, arm, and leg was completely roboticized! He was devastated about it, he felt like a freak, a monster. Mobians made fun of him, thinking that he was one of Eggman's creations. But then, Sonic found him quite useful and he was now a member of the team: A bounty hunter. Nebula found the courage to convince him that he was NEVER a monster, but a hero deep down.


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Kadi Ann Wright
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United States
I always dreamed of being an artist when I was born, so I came to this website to learn about what it takes to be an artist.


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